Sunday, August 30, 2009

My First Love-What Was I Thinking?

It's probably safe to say that we all remember our "first love". That first little fluttering of the heart, that first glorious kiss ... that first ... well ...whatever. However, how we all define that first love, oh so many years ago, is quite another story. I guess most define it as innocent and wonderful, others as unrequited love, others as simply the one that got away. And then some-and this is the category that I fall into-will define it as simply ... "What the heck was I thinking?!" Of course we all know that our brains are not fully developed during our teen years, so this is my defense.

I met my "first love" when I was 14. His family and my family became close and our friendship developed into something more, much to the horror of our parents. (Let's just leave it at that). He was 3 years older than I and really should have been dating girls more his age. That was probably the charm of the relationship. It was driving our parents crazy. Long story short, he broke my heart (at least I thought so at the time) by marrying someone else. I heard that the first 2 years were very rough on his wife. He started drinking and doing pills (not sure what kind), running around, and abused her physically. We ran into each other at a party one night (he was still married) and he pulled me aside to let me know how much he "missed me" and how sorry he was that we had "drifted apart." I simply told him not to be sorry, and let him know that he had actually done me a tremendous favor. I wonder how long he stared at me as I walked away. I think, often times, "first loves" can become "What the heck was I thinking?!"

How do you define your "first love" experience? Bet it's a good story, so why not share it with us? Besides, seeing it in print simply validates it happened in the first place.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ok..So this is the thing

Me...don't like people who DM me for the first time in twitter with their ads. I mean...take me out to dinner first, at least! What ever happened to courting?

I'm on the fence with health care reform . I'm more offended by everyone who has not even glanced at the 1000-page care package, but seem to know everything about it, and only their opinion is right.

I think that Michael Vick should be contained in a Diane Sawyer and Lisa Ling, and I don't think watching CSI at night will numb valuable brain there.

Still here? Ok ... I'm an avid football fan. I actually watch as many of the pre-season games as Time Warner will allow. I'm loyal to my Carolina Panthers ... although I really love the Manning boys! Fickle in Football ... yes-no-maybe-I don't know-ask Farve.

I love murder mysteries, good red wine, and slow dancing under the moonlight.

Oh, and back to twitter ... I bet the person behind the sexy girl icons (the ones with the big boobs hanging out) and talks about sports or maybe just uses a robot to send out yet more quotes by other people (ever hear of original thought?), is a sexually frustrated man with too much time on his hands (ugh, even that sounded dirty)

You can find me hanging out with the Three Wise Girls, Twitter, FaceBook, Perfect Networker and Fast Pitch. I'm also co-hosting our Three Wise Girls talk radio show with Linda Alexander and Dori DeCarlo, going live in October.

I believe if your serious about your heath, your going to customize your nutrition.

I also believe that if you are serious about using video in promoting your business, then your are going to upgrade from free ... just because you're worth it.

And I believe that you'll find that my post will differ in themes from one post to the next, so I invite you to come back and figure out what I'm talking about ... yet again.

Oh, and I hope that you'll leave a comment. I mean you've already invested this much time, so why not? Besides, your family and friends aren't interested in your opinions, why not give me a try. (No guarantees here, either)