Thursday, February 11, 2010

In Self-Defense

If you're looking for trouble
You came to the right place
If you're looking for trouble
Just look right in my face

Elvis Presley

Every evening, it's the same old story on our local news station.

We are always hearing about people being abducted while getting into their car. Sadly, most are found later in a different location, some raped, most dead. The lucky ones are the ones that live through it.

We hear about people being robbed while retrieving money at an outside ATM machine.

We hear about someone being kidnapped, and later killed by an ex-spouse.

We hear about the young woman who awakes in the early morning hours to find someone standing over them, saying "don't scream or I'll kill you."

And remarkably, we all think that this only happens to other people.

According to the latest crime statistics at and :

In 2008 there were 78,833 rapes reported in the nation.

75%-85% of rapes are committed without using a weapon.

68%-72% of attacks on women are committed by someone they know.

Over 50% of rapes or sexual assaults are not reported to police.

Of those rapes only 40.4% were cleared by arrest or exceptional means.

11.7% of clearance by arrest or exceptional means were under age of 18.

Unfortunately, I don't believe that there are any statistics pointing to all those who were victims, and who didn't think it could happen to them.

And, I don't think that for most, when doing a "things to do" list, taking a self-defense class is high on the list, if at all. And yet, it could be the most important thing that any of us do. Do you have it on your "to do" list? Excuse the pun ... but it couldn't hurt.

Join us on Thursday, February 18th at noon EST at, as we talk with Deva and Scott Hoffman, two leaders in self-defense training. Deva will be sharing her true-life experience with an attacker. Scott will share some of his experiences as a police officer for the last 22 years. The Hoffman's have vast experience in self-defense training and travel to group functions, as well as to large corporations, around the United States. Their website is in at 1-347-994-3835 and join in the conversation.