Thursday, April 15, 2010

Need a Super Wife?

"I can wash out forty-four pairs of socks
And have them hangin out on the line
I can starch and iron two dozen shirts
Before you can count from one
to nine .... Cause I'm a woman ..... "

From Smokey Joe's Cafe

Do you ever feel overwhelmed when you walk in the door after you get home from an excruciatingly long work day? Do you see dirty dishes in your sink and your house is a total disaster area? You then walk into your bedroom to change into something more comfortable and you see that huge pile of laundry just calling your name? Do you think that if you don't take care of this yourself, it just will not get done? That's not necessarily the case.

Patty Marsh walked into her home feeling the very same frustration for years. Then Pattie decided to do something about her situation. She decided it was time to hire a "super wife". Even better, she decided to start her own company called ... of course ..."The Super Wife."

She not only solved own her time-management problem, and had much more quality time with her family, she turned her "solution" into a rapidly growing business.

The Super Wife is a personal assistant service that is custom built to meet individual needs. Patty's service allows you to eliminate that "2nd full time job" that we all come home to when our first job ends. Patty's service is located in the Triad area of North Carolina. However, do not be surprised to see "The Super Wife" coming your way in the near future.

You can find more information concerning Patty Marsh and "The Super Wife" at

Join us on Thursday, April 22, at 12:00 pm noon-time, at, when the Three Wise Girls talk with Patty Marsh.

Patty will be sharing with us how she started up her company and her experiences thus far. She will also be sharing with us some of her money/time-saving tips that just may surprise you. Patty is also on a mission to make her breast cancer patient clients lives a little easier via the services she provides. Patty is the epitome of the super wife.

We welcome you to call in at 1-347-994-3835 and talk with Patty, as well as to join us in the chatroom. After all, this isn't an interview ... it's a conversation!