Sunday, June 13, 2010

Is it great r gr8?

Dear Suzie,

Thx 4 ur interest n our facial creme this mourning. It ws gr8 talking 2 U. W r sending the creme out 2day.

Pls LMK if 1 tube will b enuf 4 future delivs.


Marty, Rep for xyz

While it seems improbable that you would receive a business response in letter form or email written as above, I wonder if the above isn't an omen of things to come for the beleaguered American-English language. And, yes, there is a big difference between the "Queen's English" and the American version. I found out just how true this is while living in Sweden for a few years. And due to a variety of social networks, the popularity of texting, and protests (yes protests), the gap may widen.

Twitter has created it's own culture and language with the enforcement of 140 characters per post. Messages are short and not so sweet, as tweeters are becoming more and more resourceful in shortening words in order to convey messages.

When you post to your profile wall in Facebook, you are given a lot more lead-way, but even then, there are times that you need to be innovative.

We learn through repetition We tweet and FaceBook several messages a day using shortened forms of our written vocabulary. And thus, using shortened forms to create your messages become a habit. Point in case, have you ever written an email or written a business letter and wrote, lmk for "let me know", or cul for "see you later?". Have you ever written wld instead of would, or gr8 instead of great? Are you beginning to forget how to spell simple words?

It must really be confusing for students in elementary schools learning the English language, while quietly sitting in the back of the class texting their friends.

And let us not forget that there are those participating in protest rallies at, where else, national Spelling Bees. Apparently, they have had "enuf" of enough.

Is the Eng. lang. in truble? Who kno's? As 4 me I'm not worried. I'll just keep n mind the impotence of spelling korrectly & knot mispellin wrds.

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