Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Are You Hall of Fame Material?

I love the game of football, and I am one of those who did watch the 2010 NFL Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony held on August 7, 2010. I was especially excited because two of my Favorites, Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith were being inducted. It was the most inspirational two hours that I have spent in a long time. I thought about a motivational event I had attended last year. The experience had been expensive, and I suppose I did come back somewhat inspired … but not nearly as much as listening to the speeches of three inductees. Emmitt Smith and Floyd Little were literally power-houses of emotion and inspiration. Jerry Rice’s speech was more toned-down, but his message was as inspirational.

All three men spoke about their long journey to the Hall of Fame, and what it took for them to get there. All three agreed that being gifted, alone, was not enough to make them Hall of Famers.

While each speech was different, the message was being delivered echoed the same principles of what it takes to be a Hall of Famer.
Anyone can have a dream, but not everyone fulfills that dream. Fulfillment requires a plan and action. It takes dedication, perseverance, and determination. Emmitt Smith suggested that you write down your dream. Once you write it down, it then becomes a goal. It is the goal that requires a plan and execution.

All Three spoke of faith and their spiritual beliefs … and the faith they all had in themselves, against all odds.

Floyd Little spoke on responsibility, finding good mentors, and then becoming one. He said it was important to never believe the nay-sayers …. ever … but to believe in yourself, despite all the odds against you.

Jerry Rice spoke of hard work and discipline. He spoke of taking pride in all he did, whether it was catching bricks (while working for his dad) or catching footballs on the field. He spoke about respecting his fellow teammates.

While all three speeches were different in content to some extent, the one main common denominator was that they had all proved everything they said in their speeches about what it took to be a Hall of Famer . Standing there, being inducted that day in front of their peers and fans, family and friends, they are all living proof of what it takes to be a Hall of Famer.

Yes, it was a great induction ceremony, and it did get me to thinking about what I’m doing about my dreams. This might be the question that turns your dreams into reality …. are you Hall of Fame material?

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