Friday, August 6, 2010

Segway to Gate D-38

I recently flew down to visit my mother for a few days. The flights going and coming back were uneventful ... that is .... once I was actually onboard. I'm not sure who actually sets up flight times to specific destinations, but I suspect this person(s) has a perverted sense of humor.

The first legs of both trips (going and coming back) were stopovers in Atlanta. My flight to begin my journey was 15 minutes late on taking off. This was a bit disappointing since I only had 35 minutes to land in Atlanta and get to another gate (in a far, far away land.) The flight from Atlanta to where I was going was late, consequently I did make that flight (barely).

On the trip coming home, the plane to Atlanta left a couple of minutes early. I was celebrating (quietly) because, again, I only had 35 minutes to catch the flight back to my home city. The plane pulled away ever so slowly from the gate and then stopped. Then came the announcement from the cockpit. Due to traffic in Atlanta, the crew had been directed to remain on the tarmac for twenty minutes before actually taking off. Again, I got this sinking feeling that I was going to be doing yet another 2-mile sprint though the airport upon landing. Once we did take off and land in Atlanta, I was happy to find that I wouldn't be changing gates. However, the sprint was still on as I was at gate 15 and the plane was leaving from gate 38. I got there in time to show them my boarding pass and board.

So here's the thing. I wouldn't find my trip truly "blog worthy" if this had been a one-time experience. But, this happens almost every time I fly. Ok, I use to complain about long stopovers, but what with Starbucks, good restaurants, and of course mobile devices for computers, it's not really so bad. At least my dignity remains in place and I am not sprinting through an airport with a computer bag on one shoulder and a purse half my size on the other shoulder, dodging people, and chanting ... "My legs have wings .... my legs have wings."

So here's my solution .... Segways. I believe that there are airports around the world that are providing Segways for their security personnel. I would love it if when I'm checking in online, just after the field in which I put the amount of bags I will be checking, they had a field asking if I am requesting a Segway at the gate, when I land. Then when I land, I could jump on the Segway and away I'd go. Of course Segway lanes would need to be constructed (I'd hate to think how many innocent bystanders I'd take out on my way to the next gate, otherwise). It's either Segways or I'm going to have to explain the pair of roller skates I have strapped over my shoulder on my next trip.


  1. Well Debbie, you must admit that there is also a fitness bonus to travel. I am surprised that sneaker and running shoe companies do not take advantage of the use of these situations in commercials. I also think you should be considered for a baby boomer commercial showcasing how you are able to make those connections.

  2. Great idea! Someone should do that. I live in the Atlanta area and use that airport the whole time. Never give yourself only 35 minutes there. It can be too far between gates. Good luck with the idea--sounds like a business opp to me.

  3. Yes, traveling is getting more and more difficult. After you've rushed to the airport, finally found a parking spot, deposited your bags, removed your shoes, and made it through security, there's plenty more surprises awaiting you. I feel for you having to sprint to your connecting flight--been there done that.
    But, the worst is coming. My local airports are about to install the screening scan that renders you virtually naked. Besides the obvious embarrassment, I'm well over fifty and it ain't a pretty sight. What will they think of next?!