Saturday, July 31, 2010

What's The Point?

FaceBook has been around for a long time, but only till the last year, did it become one of my favorite social networks. Ever since FaceBook incorporated fan page options for it's members, I have become a huge fan. I can keep up with friends on my profile page, and share my business interests on my fan pages. I know there are those that are on FaceBook strictly to communicate with family only. And then there is that member-base that is interested in building a large friend or "like" following. This is the member-base I am addressing.

As I browse and read other profile and fan pages, I am sometimes very surprised, and wonder .... just what is the point.

One of the most common things I see, time after time, is the failure to put up a clear and distinct profile picture. I guess if one wants to maintain anonymity, and his/her friends know how to find the profile page among all the other profile pages with the same name, then I guess this works (still doubtful). If, on the other hand, one wants to build one's friend or "like" base, then a profile file picture is crucial. I'm one of those that will not accept a friend request without a profile picture. And, if there is no picture or logo on the fan page, then, well ....hasta la vista, baby.

Another thing that surprises me are the pages that will not allow it's members to interact. The pages are there solely for one-way communication. They are there to update and inform, I suppose, but ... apparently ... they are not interested in your feedback. Kind of reminds me of our family reunions. I just think that if you want build a relationship with your friends and prospective client base, there needs to be a little open communication.

Another thing that I find curious, is when people post a wall comment in question form, and then get upset when someone answers the question. I've actually read a response from a member asking a question which basically said, "this question was for a select few and your are not one of them." In reading the answers from the respondents, I'm not sure who the comment was directed at, or how he or she was suppose to know the question was for a select few.

In relationship to the aforementioned, I actually responded to a question someone had posed. I didn't know the answer off-hand, but considered this an opportunity to learn something new. I went online, and found the answer. I went back and posted my answer, along with a link to the page where I had found my information. Then someone else answered the question. The member who posed the question responded to the other member who had answered the question by saying something along the lines ..."Very good little Johnny, you go to the head of the class!" "I was looking for people who would not have to look up the answer to the question." Apparently the person who had asked the question was either born with an encyclopedia inside her head, or there really is something called a "smartpill" and is passed out to an elite few. Nevertheless, I was surprised that someone would ask a question to the masses in Facebook, and then make a negative comment concerning a member who took the time to read the question, and then took the time to find the answer and respond. I notice that there were few responses after that (one response wished her luck on finding the kind of people for which she was apparently looking.)

So, my bottom-line thought is .... if one is in FaceBook to build relationships and/or a client-based relationship, but one refuses to put up a profile picture or logo, one elects not to have member interaction, and one posts a comment and then is rude in addressing the respondents, then ... really .... what is the point?

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